Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Businesses often setup a profile page on some social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and do very little else. Some businesses also buy some sponsored ads on social media and sit back and wait for the leads to come in. However, without a strategy and plan for engaging with their target audience and being responsive to prospects, these social media activities often fail to create the leads and enquiries that marketers desire. We delegate Dedicated account manager and social media marketing specialist.

Area Of Expertise

Lead Generation [Boosting Sales]

We work with clients across multiple industry verticals and markets using both inbound and outbound marketing methods
to generate high quality leads in volume. We use several methods like email, social media, SEO, PPC, etc.,
so that the B2B and B2C lead requirements are met.

Search Engine Marketing

81% Of shoppers conduct online research before buying
A well thought out web design or product means nothing unless your target audience can find it.
Qloud Solutions uses an integrated approach to SEO/SEM to connect your target audience through multiple channels with your website or product.
Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) activities including on-page and off-page activities.
Paid advertising including PPC, CPM, ad exchanges, and custom audiences.

Social Media Marketing

83% Of Businesses indicate the importance of Social Media.
Crafting and supporting a solid social media marketing strategy requires expertise, attention to detail and on-going
hard work to drive campaign performance. Qloud Solutions creates data-driven social media marketing strategies for our clients
that engages prospects and encourages conversations from your target audience.


Use of Google Analytics and other analytics tools for keyword research, measuring effectiveness of ad spends, and related SEO activities